How to reward your donors! 💡

Giving to a cause gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it? Getting stuff back gives you that warm fuzzy feeling too.

We’re here to remind you that in order to get said warm fuzzy feeling squared, you need to spend a little bit of time thinking about how to say your very best thank you to all of your wonderful donors.


It’s not about exhausting yourself by giving away too much or in making grand gestures and promises which will be super time consuming or expensive, it’s about showing your appreciation to your donors in a time and cost efficient way. Here are some schools who pitched it just right.

Plant a tree

Imagine the prestige, the adoration and the respect you would command with your very own tree planted on school grounds. A great idea from Little Chalfont Primary School in Buckinghamshire, who used this prize to entice larger donations.

Visit the project page here

Go down in history

Mintlaw Academy very generously offered selected donors the chance to become official sponsors and have their names emblazoned on the side of their underwater robots as they went into the competition – very swanky indeed!

Visit the project page here

Say thank you publicly

A note in the newsletter, a shout out on social media, a mention at the school assembly? It’s nice to get some recognition for your generosity, and this kind of reward is low-cost, low-energy, and people love it.

Test drive the tech

It’s not just children that get excited by the tech – it’s all pretty new to adults too. Why not offer donors the chance to have a go at programming a robot or exploring foreign lands in VR? It’s not every day they’ll get a chance to have a go and it’s no skin off your nose if they pop in and try it…

Go old school

We know we’re a super cool, new and shiny online platform, but even we like to listen to the occasional record, develop the occasional film… The point is, there isn’t much that’s nicer than receiving a handwritten thank you letter, especially one scrawled by a 7-year-old, to tug at the heartstrings.

Other ideas that we haven’t seen used on Rocket Fund quite yet but which we think have serious potential:

Tattoo your thanks

…ok we’re just getting silly now…

For more ideas, have a browse through our funded projects here.